Ode to Perseverance

September 15, 2016 § Leave a comment

If I could take everything I knew…
sum it up, concentrate it to its core…
It is this- live your life for your own…
its your thing, nobody else is keeping score.

Fail not to be amazed by imperfection…
its the pretense from whence resolve is born…
Never look away from failure, the shame…
the greatest lessons hide in other people’s scorn.

Trust yourself to find the way…
don’t be sidetracked by the doubts within…
Allow yourself the joy of seeing things get done…
but never linger, for this joy is fleeting and thin.

At the end of the road, the light shines bright,
and only then, you will walk away from this fight.




July 31, 2016 § 2 Comments

A thousand thoughts,
race through my mind…
not one of them can help me,
forgive myself, loosen this bind…
yet, day and night I shall think,
about the lives I’ve left behind.

A million miles ahead of me,
burning sands, no shade in sight…
I’am lost in this inconsequential haze,
broken, devoid of the will to fight…
but, now and then, the cold winds do flow,
hinting, somehow, everything is gonna be alright.

An amalgamation of extremes,
my life is often a comical overkill…
perplexing like that Schrödinger’s cat,
layers of warmth amid the bitterest Arctic chill…
and just when it seems insanely hopeless,
I make my comebacks- me and my indomitable will.



July 21, 2016 § 4 Comments

Me : We did take a long route to finally talking, didn’t we?

Her : Are we talking?

Me : No. All this is in my stupid head. See, I have a real problem with ambiguous endings. And, I need to vent. Do you have a problem with that?

Her : You do realise that we both were the victims of a bad situation, don’t you? I’am hurting too you know.

Me : Really? How long has it been, 9 months, a year? How can you compare your hurt to mine without having any concept of how bad it was for me. This is the first ‘conversation’ that we’re having since we chose to never speak to each other again.

Her :  And who made that choice? I waited for you to call, you never did.

Me : Did you? I always felt that you were waiting for me to check out. In those final days, you seemed disinterested and distant. You were giving me nothing.

Her : Love doesn’t necessarily have to be a visual fiesta you know. I loved you in my own way. You know why I couldn’t be, what you wanted me to be.

Me : Wasn’t it supposed to be about just you and me? Circumstances, and practicalities, when did they crop up?

Her : Eventually. How long did you think the haze would have lasted? There were sharks swimming underneath, it was just a matter of time.

Me : And we succumbed, deciding never to talk again.

Her : Yes. We did. And here we are…

Me : …Inside my stupid head.



The Fool’s Ballad

April 24, 2016 § Leave a comment

We are,
forever alone,
holders of the lights,
in the most brutal of nights,
yet when sunshine shall rain,
they will bar us all over again,
despised and rejected,
we are,
forever alone…

We are,
forever hurt,
politeness is you-they say,
our praise is sung all day,
yet when it’s time to brandish that scythe,
our heads are the ones in easy sight,
exposed and unsuspecting,
we are,
forever hurt…

We are,
forever the incorrigible idiots,
fall and rise, fall and rise,
always paying the ultimate price,
yet we never learn- the ways of the world,
sitting ducks, chopping block, white flag unfurled,
believing and naive,
we are,
forever the incorrigible idiots…


The Conformist Heart…

September 13, 2015 § Leave a comment

Remember, a while back it was…
Amid torrents of love, and faith…
Our hearts had melded into a promise…
“We shall always be there for each other”

Today, after the anguish and the scars…
Alone, the swirls are silent, deathly sedate…
Only a memory- what was once my bliss…
Mocking. We were meant to be together.

Moral- Hearts are meant to be broken, hope be damned- time shall always crawl. What can one do when mistrust has spoken, eventually, conformity gets us all.

If Only (A believer’s fleeting wish)

June 8, 2015 § 5 Comments

If only,
Every time I believed…
Someone pointed to the error of my ways
I would be far away
Hopefully, not a believer.

If only,
I wasn’t such a man…
Guilty, gullible, hopeful, with a conscience
I wouldn’t be so broken
Wondering, if I am doing OK.

If only,
I could forget, rinse & dry…
Pushing away realities to look at assumptions
I could maybe smile
And, not have to pretend.

If only,
I had a heart of stone…
None of those defects, the feelings and hope
I could ignore the obvious
And, contend with what I have not.

If only….Oh I wish, if only….

10 Minutes

January 13, 2015 § 6 Comments

That little way we had walked
aware of the warmth in our hands
feeling your gentle presence alongside
sure of our lingering steps on the sands

We spoke but a few words
a lifetime existed for us to speak
those moments were spent seeking the warmth
like flowers- the summer was ours to seek

And yet today I walk alone
brutally aware of the fickleness of time
for when affection is built on compromises
summers are short, warmth fades, love is a crime.

Poet Speaks- How about cramming in the maximum essence in the barest number of words? My target was 12 lines- 100 words (83 achieved), and that this little read must be a story in itself. Why the cryptic title of ’10 minutes’?? Well, how much more time do we get anyways??

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