El Diaria-Baby Steps, Wrong Shoe Size

October 23, 2016 § Leave a comment

Monday- Why do you even exist??

Sometimes our thoughts are the greatest impedance we face. Stop thinking so much and voila, paths show up magically. I checked into work today with the prospect of working on a very difficult challenge- two hours later, and after an abundance of online research- mission accomplished. The phrase ‘Do the Work’ kept ringing in my head and I responded as I should have.

Tuesday- Of corporate blogs and biryanis…

Met up a dear friend and caught sight of the spark that pervades a soul that is looking at a bunch of exciting possibilities coming through in its life. I envied that feeling, yet was massively happy for my friend. Good friends are such amazing creatures- they got your back when you need them the most, and the truly good ones easily float above the flotsam.

Wednesday- Split right down the middle…

Received this wonderfully perceptive phone call from Ma. She wanted my inputs on a matter of great importance and absolutely trusted my take on things. This feels good- the fact that my Ma is back being my best friend. Some of my recent decisions haven’t gone down well with her and we haven’t exactly seen eye-to-eye on a couple of other stuff. But, when its this good joke I remember, and I need an enthusiastic audience, nobody laughs as hard as my Ma.

Thursday- Ay Caramba, when used selectively, absolutely nails it!!

‘Prady, why do you only post food pix on your Instagram?’ – Exactly. Cause it’s my Instagram, you irritating Psyduck.

Friday- Going out with a BANG!!

For some weird reason, everyone expects me to either be highly proactive, infinitely more responsible, cooking dinners at home, shave, not-shave, make split second decisions and turn on a dime. I could absolutely go on a lengthy tirade to explain how I’am experimenting- trying to slow down time, not be in a tearing hurry and not live a life that isn’t my own. But, why should I do the explaining? I will much rather break some eggs and make an omelette.

Saturday- Is there a greater pleasure in life than Chilly Pork, extra spicy??

Eat. Sleep. Check Whatsapp. Irritate homies. Repeat.

Sunday- Learning to say No, and breaking long drawn sleep cycles…

Letting go is such a liberating experience. It hurts at the start but as the experience progresses, you can see the lessons and the positives. On that note- complete seasons of South Park & the Simpsons, it pains me to delete you from my laptop, but this deed must be done. I need space for Season 8, House MD and Arrested Development, all seasons. In retrospect, now that I possess an instant recall of each and every one of your episodes, maybe the separation will do us good.  I think my brains are so stuffed with your goofy goodness that I am losing my grasp on basic arithmetic. 2 plus 2 do make a tutu, ya know!!






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