July 21, 2016 § 4 Comments

Me : We did take a long route to finally talking, didn’t we?

Her : Are we talking?

Me : No. All this is in my stupid head. See, I have a real problem with ambiguous endings. And, I need to vent. Do you have a problem with that?

Her : You do realise that we both were the victims of a bad situation, don’t you? I’am hurting too you know.

Me : Really? How long has it been, 9 months, a year? How can you compare your hurt to mine without having any concept of how bad it was for me. This is the first ‘conversation’ that we’re having since we chose to never speak to each other again.

Her : Β And who made that choice? I waited for you to call, you never did.

Me : Did you? I always felt that you were waiting for me to check out. In those final days, you seemed disinterested and distant. You were giving me nothing.

Her : Love doesn’t necessarily have to be a visual fiesta you know. I loved you in my own way. You know why I couldn’t be, what you wanted me to be.

Me : Wasn’t it supposed to be about just you and me? Circumstances, and practicalities, when did they crop up?

Her : Eventually. How long did you think the haze would have lasted? There were sharks swimming underneath, it was just a matter of time.

Me : And we succumbed, deciding never to talk again.

Her : Yes. We did. And here we are…

Me : …Inside my stupid head.




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