Somebody’s Secret…

July 20, 2014 § 2 Comments

Long has the warmth died down,
a tornado has swirled, leveling the town,
desires lie caged and emotions seem staged…
mocked I was, destiny’s ravaged clown.
Times like these, I shall never forget,
I’am, somebody’s secret.

I wish to be acknowledged, let me be,
your apathy is unbearable, can’t you see?
I stand at the end of your line, you assume I’am just fine…
Alas, you can’t see what’s slowly killing me.
Wish I could change, in my ways I’am hopelessly set,
I’am, somebody’s secret.

Slowly, that crack grew bigger and bigger,
fuse in hand, we jostled around for the trigger,
those lovely memories were dust, forsaken mental rust…
We failed to see, that final spark flicker.
As I walked, my heart was heavy, my cheeks were wet,
I’am, somebody’s secret.

Ages later, words won’t matter at all,
Strangers, our spirits don’t fly-only crawl,
Our gazes meet, yours neutral, mine crying deceit…
Alas, years of repentance won’t negate that nasty fall.
In your arms, my life’s lesson I’ve met,
I was, somebody’s secret.



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§ 2 Responses to Somebody’s Secret…

  • excellent-truely-excellent-
    irony- i own the domain- was checking it
    out-came across your- interspect—i think i can relate-passion -rage -pain- guilt-remorse-sense of belonging- yet still unable totally explain!!
    love the top caption-my new montra-
    live freely
    learn obsessively
    work happily


    • Prady says:

      Hi Raymond… Thanks for the very kind words :). Wow! That is a coincidence, and I do hope there is a story there for choosing a title like that- I sure had a personal reason when I chose it for the poem. And ya, explaining away those emotions is so difficult… All we can do is well, write about it and hope things make sense :).

      I love this caption… A simple take on how life must be lived, isn’t it? Anyways, thanks for taking note of it.

      See ya around. Hopefully I will keep getting your take on things I will be writing in this blog. Cheers!


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