A Toast to Ma & Pa…

May 6, 2014 § Leave a comment

Remember the dawn, you were with me…
Holding my hand, pushing the clouds away…
And come the gloomy dusk, I’am sure to see…
The warmth in your eyes, come what may!!

Monday was my parents’ 33rd marriage anniversary. This year, I remembered to wish them…

They aren’t a perfect couple, my mom and dad, but they are amazingly resilient and surely one of the best tag-team in the history of marriages. Quirky, unconventional, my dad’s idea of a perfect anniversary gift is an expertly cooked pot of chicken. And strangely, my mom concurs!

See, they are madly in love with each other. Gifts, flowery words- these are for amateurs!!

Love isn’t an easy thing to sustain, often times wearing us down emotionally, physically and mentally. There is a fair price to be happy- and often, the hard bargain falls by the way of a loving heart. Love, isn’t enough anymore. And, it isn’t for everyone!!

Thus, Ma & Pa, you teach me that fancy hand-holding, sitting through the movies, or munching away in an exotic restaurant isn’t all there is to love. That good old fashioned romance never goes out of style. This is a strange beast- and it resides in our deepest thoughts, springing out subconsciously when it finds its mate in distress, or lonely. Talking through nostalgia, and remembering the times when food was burnt, or a choice was made as to who gets to attend the PTA meetings. Love is about ‘being there’ and that my friends, isn’t an easy concept. Somehow, my goofy parents got the equation right.

And in my own life, the power of their example is an everyday light. When surrounded by people who genuinely love you, the impulse to love back is so much stronger and rewarding.

One day I hope, I might be as lucky as you, Maya & Pops. But until then, you are, and always will be, a shining example of the power of unconditional love. How do you do it? I’am so glad you do…

Happy Anniversary Ma & Pa. Cheers to a hundred more… 🙂

(PS- Sorry to deviate away from the usual poetic theme- will be back to business soon) 


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