Salvation’s Difficult Road

April 14, 2014 § Leave a comment

Egos crumble
Petty will stumble
when in love
‘I’ stands humble

A game or two
Destined for a few
Pure, hard, merciless
the intoxicating brew

Not a fairy tale, this
flawed, something’s amiss
while the heart beats wildly
life pitches a poison kiss

It starts, a bed of roses
deceiver, so modestly it poses
you suspect nothing-thinking
‘lead me to the promised land’, my Moses

Fruit of passion, ripening in the heat
hope floats, where jealousy and ‘I’ do meet
gone are the visions of unblemished love
In the face of such unconcealed deceit!!

And battered and weary, the heart does wonder
‘won’t it be painless, to quietly surrender?’
Alas! If only, the answers were thus so simple…
Saved it would be- from this most naïve blunder.

Yet, as seasons roll and the misty hills are painted green
the familiar thump, the same desire to be heard and seen
and while my steps are alone, I only breathe for me…
The heart desires to go back, where once it had been!



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