Ode to the Undying Heart

December 1, 2013 § 1 Comment

In a place far, far away
a tiny light burns bright,
A promise, clear as day
comfort, in the coldest night.

I live, in the distant shadow
seeing the ray, flicker and play
I desire it not, my heart’s fallow
hope and me, must go our separate way.

I notice, life blooms all around
dreams abundant and joy is flowing
wretch that I’am, ignored, unbound
I detest the truth, the cursed knowing.

Prolonged limbo! And a fine day it was
when the ember finally did vanish
Alas! There goes my final cause
Henceforth I exist- till I must perish.

For what’s a life without belief
something real to do each day
loved, ignored, looking up a hill so steep
and promising to alight it someway.


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§ One Response to Ode to the Undying Heart

  • Prady says:

    My dear buddy Pavan is all questions as to why this blog is called BadRhymes? I tell him…these poems are dedicated to the pain of love and being in love. The fundamental essence as such, is bad.

    My bro responds with a rhyme of his own. And I’am thankful that I have people in my life who care- a supposed ‘bad’ rhyme…but the sweetest compliment ever. Enjoy-

    Ur poem and the words u juggle,
    It’s the joy for us
    Like watching b**bs jiggle
    The feelings and emotions
    released is like finally getting cured of
    loose motions
    Relaxed and Satisfied..

    – Keep rhyming Pavan. Your work is welcome on my blog, anytime. 🙂


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