If you only knew

June 14, 2013 § 4 Comments

This poem is dedicated to all you loners out there, whose hearts are not truly their own. Enjoy! 🙂

Long after the last lovely words were spoken
the kisses ran dry, the eyes lost their shine
Alone at the halfway point I stood- shaken
Remembering the times when I called you mine.

A thin twine, guilt-emotion-hope- what shall it be called?
Connects your retreating presence to me
my hands have turned cold; your feelings have stalled
like a mast less schooner, I’am helpless out at sea.

I don’t need no hope- its assurance I so longingly crave
those magic-healing words, ‘I love you’, that is all
our story might be headed to the purgatory of compromised promises, that hated grave
but I want our saga to live a little longer- before it answers the challenge, that final call!

In the absence of sanity- chaos has always ruled
the ‘forever ever’ is a mystery, the ‘here today’ a silent act
love never lives where it feels unwanted- mocked and fooled
But how do I escape our hearts, those promises, our little pact?

The world is made possible, by the enduring power of love
Love that is my world, where I belong – gently holding you
Battles I can face- it’s your unconcerned silence that hurts me now
my spirits are failing- so is my being- if you only knew!


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§ 4 Responses to If you only knew

  • Ashish says:

    AWSM 🙂


  • pavan says:

    this is magic of words which can bring tears in eyes of a person who claims ,”tears in my eyes…never”. 😥
    please don’t add the title “pain is my only gain” besides your name. always b awesome prady as always u r..
    keep writing and keep posting:-)


    • Prady says:

      Thanks Pavan 🙂 It’s easier to write about pain than happiness, isn’t it? But always, words must be used to motivate and keep looking for the light. Thanks bhai..your comments inspire me to keep writing 🙂


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