Ode to a Broken Heart

June 12, 2013 § Leave a comment

At long last I sleep
Lived through a nightmare today
its hated memories I shall keep
your words have lost their warmth
I feel cheated, and I weep.

How long has it been?
Lives have changed in mere hours
the precious has lost its sheen
only yesterday, we were one
today, its spring minus the green.

Why am I left alone?
I miss you so much already
I stare at my stupid phone
hoping, praying, contemplating
Despair follows a pained moan.

I wish we were truly free
untamed masters of our lives
that paths we tread must always be
the dominion of our choice
not a staged quest of lies.

And that love is not a fable
a child’s play, a bedtime story
if not; the heart should be able
to see this charade for what it is
a house of cards- on an unsteady table.

Thus, I hope for a little peace
Shit, if only creation were kind
Sleep, a monstrous tease-
until, unwittingly, sleep I will
but a part of me will be hurting still!!


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