The Ballad of Fire & Ice

June 4, 2013 § Leave a comment

Thence, it was the darkest hour
An uneasy fear lined my frigid soul
Silence, profound that seemed to devour
My courage, my purpose whole

Whence came this chaos anew?
Hope shrivels in the dying light
Pains aplenty, comforts few
Beseeched, I curse this unforgiving night

The core of fear is reason
Doused in doubt over my trepid heart
Tears and mistrust in an unholy union
So intermingled, never to be set apart

Maybe it’s a test, a secret quest
Mental questions- answers they seek
Heart in a vice, the survival test
Future- how can it be anything but bleak?

Fortitude isn’t given- it’s earned
The strength to believe lies deep within
In the darkest recess, where fears are burned  
Summon it, before courage shall run thin

Believe, for the roads are meant to meander
Love, for nothing can be more divine
And boldly shall I walk, hope still tender
As long as I shall call you mine

Maybe the darkness gets evil
A fork might appear on the road
Assumptions, who can ever tell
I shall believe, what my heart was told!



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