7 Days of Regret

May 26, 2013 § 2 Comments

Pleasant morning, I walked happy- amazed
A song on my lips, a smile lines my worldly face
Seasons turn, shadows foretell the approaching gloom
Regret, it will be- the lasting bane of my days.

I choose to ignore, is it my undoing so early?
The winds grow heavy- but, I shall not sway
If only I had a hand to hold- an anchor to believe in
Godspeed, time shall pass- I shall see another day

But, what hope remains when the heart conspires?
A betrayal- disgraced to the deep from massive heights
And while my mind plots, to drag me to purgatory
I reminisce, about the loving days and the adored nights

I wish- I was more than just human
I had not that moment, filled with mistrust, envy and greed
That the faint memory of your warmth was enough
Warmth, adoration- that only love shall ever breed

The skies clear- have the gods listened to a battered heart?
No, that ship shall never sail- it was but your forgiving smile
Grace was restored, thank the strength that sets you apart
But, the regret shall not be forgotten- when I lost me for a while.


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