If I had a Wish…

May 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

If I had a wish
what contentment it will be
amidst thoughts and the future
a simple wish-all for me

I wouldn’t ask for glory
Or a chance to set things right
I will not desire remembrance
Or content sleep through the night

My wish is but so little
tiny, innocent, heart warmingly sweet
Its a wish I crave so much
in its embrace-finality, I am sure to meet

And then- never shall I wish again
never shall be any regret
Seldom shall the ‘smile’ leave me
and to be thankful- I shall never forget

(Shucks..I sit here, eons away from the perfect dream
wishing, longing for that miracle spell
When really, I must make haste, run like hell
Before it shatters- must I intently tell)

It’s a day for wishes, mine too
And wishing here..not for plenty, or the few
What is that I wish for…if the heavens knew
I wish for the one- Only you !!


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