Forever the Brave…

May 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

A delicious path
an innocent lie
a fleeting rainbow hath,
Humbled the mighty sky

It’s a strange-bittersweet feeling
Something he’s never felt before
Amid assumptions and tentative feet
He must answer that he can’t ignore…

“Coward” the little voice will say
he knows it all so well
yet it intrigues like the promise of a new day
Be warned, for it finishes in the depths of hell
He carries the hope- the lucky charm
They call him the ‘brave’-forever calm
His path extends where luck departs
Still, this innocent question escapes him
like a vice it holds his beating heart…

To him, it makes no sense
the picture is still upturned
and stare he must, with brows tense
So exquisite..the jewel of pride
tantalizingly close, yet forever denied

Why? he asks, a pained cry from the brave
an answer, forever shall he crave
And mesmerized he shall be with the vision before him
supple, gentle, an assurance of warmth
his hands extend, and fear tears him apart

The feelings are so light, so enchantingly pure
yet like a malady it haunts him- one without a cure
to rest in her embrace is a chance to take
So walk he shall, for her own sake

And like a beacon out at sea
nestled high on the mocking wave
screw the calm-he wants to be
forever the fighting brave.


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