Broken Lullaby

February 23, 2017 § 3 Comments

It’s deceptively easy,
Walking to the back of the line,
Where the sun isn’t bright,
And the stares aren’t cold,
Nothingness is a mistaken healer,
Plying his wares to the broken,
Soothing with icy fingers,
And laughing at the spurts of life,
In the dungeons of our own making,
We rot away for eternity,
Nothing, no-one to hear our stories,
No-one to judge our woes,
And silently we watch, gazes on the sly,
As the world moves, unaware, unconcerned,
We heal, we dream, and we smile,
Until it is our turn to rise, to reclaim,
Not a race, not a line, but life as a whole,
Mile upon the next bloody mile.



An Unexpected Test of Character

December 27, 2016 § 6 Comments

A young man was walking through a shady, canopied expanse of land. The sun was mild and the air was warm and fragrant from the blooms of early spring. The man had a smile on his face- life was good and it seemed that the drudgery and defeat that was reserved for the one willing to make his mark in the world had made him strong and capable of finding peace and beauty in everything. His steps were assured and fluffy dreams filled his mind. True indeed is the carefree nonchalance of youth.

Around a bend and the young man walked the path that wound at the edge of a small pond. The water was green and reflected the sun as clear as a mirror. The youngster admired this scene and in his calm reverie almost crushed a small, colorful fish that lay on the path in front of him. The fish was bouncing about, willing the escaping life to reconsider, so tantalizingly close to the edge of the pond that a lucky bounce and back it would be in the water- one with life again. Our youngster decided to help the fish himself and bent down to pick it up. That is when he saw the majestic lone eagle- perched on a branch nearby and with an intent eye on the struggling quarry before him.  The man understood the timing of his presence- a game of life and death was on and he was an unexpected participant. What would he do? Help a creature live? Steal food off the grasp of another creature? Silently walk away and let nature take its course?

Most often life does not judge us with big questions, tasks that need the character of a hero to accomplish. Often, the questions presented to us are small- our answers however, define who we are.

(Originally written on August 12, 2011 and posted here)

Ode to Perspective

December 18, 2016 § 2 Comments

cause, you missed the last train…
caught unawares under the rain…
this overwhelming sense of loneliness…
the impending rejection and pain…
Trepidation is assuming a future,
…that may not really be.
It is the end of sanity…
and the start of the end.

cause, stories end so others could start…
challenges forge your will, never shan’t it come apart…
this empowering sense of self…
power, seeping from your soul and heart…
Anticipation is hope,
…that may not really be.
It is the end of trepidation…
and the start of something divine.

You’ve Got this…

November 23, 2016 § Leave a comment

It’s so easy,
to lose your way,
wonder all day,
if where you are,
is where you are supposed to be.

Or, you could just keep walking,
ignoring the piteous laughing,
the mumble, the backseat talking,
the insincerity, the merciless mocking,
and, lo, the picture you were meant to see.

Courage isn’t shiny words,
it isn’t transferred, transmitted or preached,
it’s about waking up everyday, unsure and tired,
and looking that monster, right in the eye,
gritting your teeth- and never stepping back to flee.

Live, and win. Y’all.

The Silent River…

October 24, 2016 § Leave a comment

The river that flows, thoughts contained in a sensible line
Is but a mirage, masked to fool, to pretend everything’ fine
The real thoughts are wild torrents; to tame them is to risk defeat
They know their powers, with such a willful foe-it’s difficult to compete.

And yet, when the final hopes have faded and the lights have ceased to be
The river seems so shallow, but there is a lot that you don’t see
In its tameness is a desire to own, a penchant to destroy
While a weakling succumbs, a master persists, aware of the river’s silent ploy.

Originally published here. #MondayMotivation

El Diaria-Baby Steps, Wrong Shoe Size

October 23, 2016 § Leave a comment

Monday- Why do you even exist??

Sometimes our thoughts are the greatest impedance we face. Stop thinking so much and voila, paths show up magically. I checked into work today with the prospect of working on a very difficult challenge- two hours later, and after an abundance of online research- mission accomplished. The phrase ‘Do the Work’ kept ringing in my head and I responded as I should have.

Tuesday- Of corporate blogs and biryanis…

Met up a dear friend and caught sight of the spark that pervades a soul that is looking at a bunch of exciting possibilities coming through in its life. I envied that feeling, yet was massively happy for my friend. Good friends are such amazing creatures- they got your back when you need them the most, and the truly good ones easily float above the flotsam.

Wednesday- Split right down the middle…

Received this wonderfully perceptive phone call from Ma. She wanted my inputs on a matter of great importance and absolutely trusted my take on things. This feels good- the fact that my Ma is back being my best friend. Some of my recent decisions haven’t gone down well with her and we haven’t exactly seen eye-to-eye on a couple of other stuff. But, when its this good joke I remember, and I need an enthusiastic audience, nobody laughs as hard as my Ma.

Thursday- Ay Caramba, when used selectively, absolutely nails it!!

‘Prady, why do you only post food pix on your Instagram?’ – Exactly. Cause it’s my Instagram, you irritating Psyduck.

Friday- Going out with a BANG!!

For some weird reason, everyone expects me to either be highly proactive, infinitely more responsible, cooking dinners at home, shave, not-shave, make split second decisions and turn on a dime. I could absolutely go on a lengthy tirade to explain how I’am experimenting- trying to slow down time, not be in a tearing hurry and not live a life that isn’t my own. But, why should I do the explaining? I will much rather break some eggs and make an omelette.

Saturday- Is there a greater pleasure in life than Chilly Pork, extra spicy??

Eat. Sleep. Check Whatsapp. Irritate homies. Repeat.

Sunday- Learning to say No, and breaking long drawn sleep cycles…

Letting go is such a liberating experience. It hurts at the start but as the experience progresses, you can see the lessons and the positives. On that note- complete seasons of South Park & the Simpsons, it pains me to delete you from my laptop, but this deed must be done. I need space for Season 8, House MD and Arrested Development, all seasons. In retrospect, now that I possess an instant recall of each and every one of your episodes, maybe the separation will do us good.  I think my brains are so stuffed with your goofy goodness that I am losing my grasp on basic arithmetic. 2 plus 2 do make a tutu, ya know!!





A Long Night’s Dawn

October 1, 2016 § 2 Comments

my mind and soul,
wondering if there ever will be,
a version of me- content and whole,
for every time I take these unsure steps,
looking behind me- at your mute ghost,
I see what could have been,
what I’ve lost, what I will miss the most,
and then I’am forced to look ahead,
face my fears, and swipe away the tears,
staring at a distance as barren as my heart,
I must move- and hope this haze clears,
for wherever I go, whatever I will do,
I will always look back- always miss you,
but peace, my girl, it’s finally here,
my cue- to start this adventure anew.


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